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Magnetic fields are known to affect the growth of crystals, such as glycine crystals. Due to the fact that crystals normally take a long time to grow, we are conducting the experiment to find out if crystallisation from solutions can be accelerated by magnetic fields. This experiment aims to investigate the effect of the presence of a magnetic field on the growth of zinc sulphate crystals. One beaker containing saturated zinc sulphate is placed on top of two neodymium magnets and another beaker is placed away from the magnetic field on the magnets. The beakers are left for 6 days before the mass of the crystals are weighed and the differences between the beakers are observed. The experiment is repeated to confirm the results. The results of the experiment show that the crystals growing in the presence of a magnetic field were more transparent than those that did not grow in the presence of a magnetic field are smaller and more structured. However, there was no significant difference in their masses. This can be applied in real life due to zinc sulphate’s electrical and magnetic properties and the various significant uses of crystals in industrialisation and water treatment devices.

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